2011 World Brotherhood Camporee

I have previously written about the World Brotherhood Camporee, an annual event which alternated between New York and Canada.  This years event will take place next weekend.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the site for more information and registration.

A Little digging on the Web:

The World Brotherhood Camporee is an annual event held every September with approximately 3,000 attendees.  Each year the Loyalist Area, Scouts Canada and the Hiawatha Seaway Council, BSA take turns hosting this camporee.  In even years, it’s held on the US side at Wellesley Island State Park (in the Thousand Islands across from Clayton, NY).  In odd years it’s held in Canada at Riverside Cedar Provincial Park (near Morrisburg, ON). The program varies from camporee to camporee but the one big constant is badge trading.  Proceeds from the camp help support projects of the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund.

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