BSA Council Checklist

Frank Kern recently announced his BSA Council checklist. He described it as

…this document lists all councils that made a CSP. It also lists councils that made other insignia such as RWS type of shoulder patches (i.e. Seattle Area Council), Jamboree Shoulder Patches (i.e. Aurora Council), odd shape council patches (i.e. Central Washington Council), and activity patches (i.e. Wigwam Council).

Clicking on the image above, will bring you to his web site.

He further adds:

The following document is provided to the BSA collecting community as the first example of a council ‘name’ guide. I have listed all known BSA Councils that made a patch, neckerchief, or neckerchief slide. I have also listed the council numbers to uniquely identify organizations with the same charter name. Traditionally, most Council collecting guides place CSPs, CPs, and RWS in separate listings. Each ignored neckerchiefs and activity patches. As a collector of ‘names’, I want ANY exmple from each council, thus the formation of this list. I hope you enjoy it, it took 25 years of collecting to compile.


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