See you there? 2010 Central New York Trade-O-Ree

Richard Krzyiewski posted the following to Patch-L

I just want to give you some info about the 2010 CNY/TOR to be held on
Friday June 11th (5 to 10pm) and Saturday June 12th (9am to 3pm) at Camp
Woodland, Longhouse Council, sponsored by the William Hillcourt Museum. The
TOR is offically SOLD OUT! We will host 30 Tables of Scouting Memorabillia
from all over the Northeast Region! The event has been a HUGE success over
the past 10 years and we want to invite you to attend! Admission is ONLY $1
and ANYONE in ANY type of Uniform (Scouting, Military, Police, Fire, Rescue
or Conservation) is admitted for free!
This year, the Museum Committee has put together an excellent event in
celebration of 100 Years of Scouting! Food, Friends, Fellowship and FUN is
our motto! On Saturday, we will host Silent Auctions every hour from 9am til
2pm and offer a LIVE Auction at 2:15pm. We have secured some very nice
collectible items from numerous donations and we don’t want you to miss out.
Please check out our proxy bidding at:
Great Scouting pieces!
This is an excellent event for Scouts and Scouters of All ages! An
outstanding way to increase your trading Stock for the National Jamboree or
Brotherhood Camporee’s, fill a hole in your private collection or just
browse and see some of the  History of the Scouting Program!
The Museum will be OPEN all weekend and as always, Admission is FREE!

You can find a link to the flyer here.

See you there?


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