Fake Blue on Blue State Strips Recently Discovered

Roy Weatherbee recently posted some information on Patch-L regarding a newly discovered fake of an Air Scout State Strip.

I’d like to warn the collecting community about a recent discovery.

An Air Scout BBS 1/4 state strip (“MASS.”) was recently offered for sale on eBay.  Bidding was heated, with two bidders topping $500 (four bidders over $300).

As Air Scout state strips are quite rare, I was surprised to receive a Second Chance offer at my (distant third) bid. Unfortunately, my luck was too good to be true, as the item (upon close inspection) turned out to be a modern counterfeit. (I don’t believe the seller was even aware, nor was any deceit intended, and my purchase was refunded immediately).

However, regardless of the source, these fake strips are out there, and I’ve prepared a document to explain the differences between these and the real McCoy. This info may be downloaded from the following link:
If anyone out in patch land happens to have a real one of these available, I would be quite interested in trading for it, as well as for any of the other New England states (CONN, MASS, ME, NH, RI, VT) in any air scout or sea scout color combination.

Let’s be careful out there.

[phpbay]New York RWS, 10[/phpbay]


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