Tschipey Achtu Lodge #397 Merger Set S2a X1a

Both Frank McLain and Matt Crance sent me images of 4 new issues from Tschipey Achtu Lodge #397. You can see the second and third below; a 2-piece merger set containing the old lodge numbers and totems in the chevron.

Tschipey Achtu Lodge #397 Merger Set S2 X1

Update: November 14, 2010

The lodge reordered the 2-piece set.  The original version had a plain plastic back as seen below:

Tschipey Achtu Lodge #397 S2aX1a back

The Blue Books stats for this one should be:
S2a BLK C M/C RED BLK FDL; RED Tschipey Achtu Lodge Plain PB w/X1
X1a BLK C M/C RED BLK FDL; WHT Senaca Waterways, WWW; YEL 2010, 95, 417 plain PB w/S2


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