Area 2-G 1967 Training Conference

Well it really wasn’t a Conclave, but a Training Event held at Hamilton College.  Mike H. shares the following;

This certificate is the only item that I know was issued that year.  We met at Hamilton College in lieu of a Camp Conclave. I remember very little about the Hamilton College Conference.  It was quite formal-a classroom experience with no patches and no trading.

1967  Area 2-G TRaining  Certificate

1967 Area 2-G Training Certificate

Can anyone else add to Mike’s memories?

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Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

For those of a certain age, or comedic bent, the Monty Python Show was a must watch.  If you remember “What’s that on the Telly, The Lumberjack Song, Spam or many other bits, this is for you.

They have created the Monty Python Channel on YouTube.

Unfortunately we can’t expect the Spanish Inquisition, on the Monty Python Channel yet.