Section NE-2A 1985 Conclave

The 1985 Section NE-2A Cocnlave was hosted by Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418.  I believe that tThe conclave was held at Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation (confirmed by Gavin Murdoch). , can anyone confirm this?

I’m aware of two issues for this event, a pocket patch and a neckerchief.

The pocket patch has the Wolf totem of Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea  Lodge #418.

Section NE-2A 1985 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2A 1985 Pocket Patch

The silkscreened neckerchief has a similar design.



Amazon – Kindle

Has anyone tried the Amazon Kindle
?  I admit to being intrigued by it although I’m not sure if I would like it.  I’m enough of a luddite in that I still like the look and feel of a paperback or hardcover, and am rarely without a book or three at hand.

If your in the market for a Kindle, or currently use one, I’d be interested in your thoughts and impressions.
I’m more likely to wait for the second generation or see if the price will come down a bit before making a decision.


He was a genius – that is to say, a man who does superlatively and without obvious effort something that most people cannot do by the uttermost exertion of their abilities.
Robertson Davies, “Fifth Business”