Cosmotopia DVD Sale

Amazon is in the midst of a the Cosmotopia DVD Sale through November 17.  Here is an opportunity to stock up on your favorite SF movie or TV Series at a big discount.


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Area 2-H 1968 Conclave

I was updating my NYS Area Conclave checklist and realized I had never posted the 1968 Area 2-H Conclave Neckerchief.

The 1968 Conclave was held at Camp Purchas and hosted by Ah Wa Ge Lodge #477.

Area 2-H 1968 Neckerchief

Area 2-H 1968 Neckerchief

As far as I know, this is the only item issued for this conclave.  Was there any other items issued for this event?

With this posting, the only Area 2-H Conclave that does not have a post is the 1963 Conclave. Can anyone provide scans fot the memoribilia issued for this event?


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NOAC 2009 Patch Design Contest

John Pannell links to a Patch Design contest for the 2009 NOAC.

The Rules:

Open to all registered Arrowmen who will be youth (Under 21) as of the first day of NOAC 2009. Entries must be received before December 15, 2008. No more than one entry per person. In the design process, remember that designs may be altered to conform to standard patch sizes and shapes. No more than 11 colors may be used in the patch, including the border and background

The Guidelines:

Our judges will be looking for a patch design that best exhibits creativity, originality, and visual beauty. The theme for NOAC 2009 is “An individual can have an impact” and the slogan is “The power of one.” The theme and slogan should serve as a guide for patch designs.

What You can Win:

The winner of the NOAC Patch Design Contest will receive a $100 credit at the Order of the Arrow Trading Post at NOAC, as well as a seat in the Skybox, the seating area for very important Arrowmen at shows, on a night to be determined at the conference. Additionally, the winning designer will be interviewed to discuss their winning patch design, and this interview will be shown at the show during which they are seated in the Skybox.

Not much more than a month to the deadline, if your under 21 and artistically inclined here is your chance for NOAC fame.


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