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Area 2-D 1967 Conclave Neckerchief Slide


Section NE-2A 1974 Conclave

The 1974 Section NE-2A Conclave was hosted by Wakpominee Lodge#48 and held at Camp Wakpominee.  Both the patch and the neckerchief featured the Wakpominee Gray Squirrel totem and the Olympic Rings.  The theme for the Conclave was Gather the Clan.

There were three issues for the event, although I only have scans of two.  There was a pocket patch, a particpant neckerchief and a staff neckerchief.

First up is the pocket patch

Section NE-2A 1974 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2A 1974 Pocket Patch

And the particpant neckerchief:



eBay – Changes and More Changes

Another change for eBay, in the name of security, hiding winning bidders ID’s.  Last year, eBay began hiding the ID of all bidders, the down side was you no longer knew if your friend was already bidding on an item.  The plus side for eBay was an increase in security and reducing fraud (fake second chance offers, etc.) .

This is now being extended to winning bidder ID’s.

Based on the positive results we’ve seen by anonymizing bidder User IDs, as well as our commitment to protecting all bidders from becoming targets for fraudsters, we’ve decided to extend anonymized User IDs to winning bidders, as well. This change will be implemented sometime this week.

You will still be able to see bidder ID’s in the following areas:

  • Sellers will be able to view all bidder IDs on their listings.
  • All members can click on the bidder ID and view the bidder’s Bid History page, which will detail the categories in which they’ve bid over the past 30 days.
  • Feedback pages will show the same information as now – buyer and seller IDs, with comments visible to all.


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Pocumtuc Lodge – What’s the Number

John Pannell posted about a new Massachusetts Lodge, Pocumtuc Lodge.

Memsochet and Allogagan Lodges made it official and merged September 28, 2008 at a meeting of the Lodge Steering Committee. The new lodge will be known as the Pocumtuc Lodge. Our new totem is the wolf.

According to the Lodge bylaws, the lodge is named:

The name of this lodge will be the Pocumtuc Lodge, Western Massachusetts Council, #234, Boy Scouts of America, and shall be under the supervision of the council camping committee and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.

So What’s the Lodge Number?

Unlike CSP Collectors who collect and catalog by name, OA Collectors using either Arapaho or the Blue Book have collected and catalogued by lodge number.  While it has been several years since National ‘abolished’ lodge numbers (or at least stopped using them for any official purpose) there had only been 2 mergers since the policy became effective.    So there are only two other lodges that don’t an official lodge number,  (364) Kittan and (146) Takoda.

My understanding is Takoda chose to use 146 one of their predecessor lodge numbers and Kittan is using 364 which is both their council number and the number of one of their predecessor lodges (Loon #364).  Both are using it for their own internal purposes.

Roy Weatherbee, the New England Blue Book Editor commented in John’s post that:

Some things to add (based on my conversation Saturday with a past lodge advisor of Allogagan Lodge 83)… The new lodge (Pocumtuc) will not officially use any number – this was reportedly decided upon explicitly by youth vote.

Unless OA Collectors change their old habits of number collecting what number should be used?

There would seem to be at least four options which could be followed:

  1. Use what number the new lodge is using.  Except that won’t work in this case.
  2. Arbitrarily use the lowest predecessor Lodge number. (83 in this instance)
  3. Use the Council Number (234).  This could work but could lead to some confusion where there is an active lodge using ‘their’ number and an active Council with the same number leading to confusion over what issue a 234S1 is.
  4. Use an arbitrary number assigned for and by the collecting community for its own convenience (900).

So what number/policy would you prefer/recommend?


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Possible Council Merger – Trails West and Okaw Valley Councils

While not from New York State, I thought I’d pass along a potential merger of two Illinois Councils currently under discussion.

A committee of the Wood River-based Trails West Council of the Boy Scouts of America will meet Wednesday in Edwardsville to discuss the possible merger with the Belleville-based Okaw Valley Council.

Apparently the meeting is tonight:

During the meeting, to be held Wednesday evening, the committee will share its findings with the Trails West Council Board and there is a possibility of a vote. If the council board votes to proceed, another meeting will be held after a 60-day period and the Trails West full membership will vote on the merger.

Hat Tip: Scouting News.


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Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary S58

Brian Petrowski brings word of a new Anniversary flap frpm Buckskin Lodge #412.

Buckskin Lodge issued it’s 60th anniversary flap at our Fall Service Weekend. Each flap was numbered 001-125 and were sold out. The lodge plans on ordering another 100 pieces starting at #126-225 which will be sold at the Lodge Banquet in December.

Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary Flap S58

Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary Flap S58

The Blue Book style stats for this one will be:
S58 GRN R M/X ORG ORG FDL; ORG Nassau Co, 412, alternating ORG/WHT W’s ORG 1949 2009 numbered 1-125

[phpbay]Buckskin Lodge #412, 10[/phpbay]


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Ebay’s Conversion to “Paperless Payments”

Well its now official. If you list/sell on eBay, you are now required to accept some form of “paperless” payment.

That means sellers will no longer be able to list an item without one of the approved electronic payment methods: PayPal, credit or debit card payment to a seller’s merchant account, or ProPay. You can also offer Pay on Pickup in addition to these payment methods. If you don’t already, you should add at least one of the approved electronic payment methods to your listings immediately so they aren’t blocked when you relist. Once the new policy rolls-out, prohibited payment methods will no longer be displayed in the Payment Details section of the item page.

A Short Reprieve:

There is a delay however, in the requirement to remove checks and money orders fro your listings.

You also need to remove references to checks and money orders from your item descriptions. We know that this is a busy time of year for sellers so we’ll wait until January 15, 2009, before we begin insisting on the removal of prohibited payment methods from item descriptions.

So if you still want to list “paper” payment methods, you have three more months, however sellers must have at least one electronic payment method, which for most sellers will be PayPal.


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