Ebay’s Conversion to “Paperless Payments”

Well its now official. If you list/sell on eBay, you are now required to accept some form of “paperless” payment.

That means sellers will no longer be able to list an item without one of the approved electronic payment methods: PayPal, credit or debit card payment to a seller’s merchant account, or ProPay. You can also offer Pay on Pickup in addition to these payment methods. If you don’t already, you should add at least one of the approved electronic payment methods to your listings immediately so they aren’t blocked when you relist. Once the new policy rolls-out, prohibited payment methods will no longer be displayed in the Payment Details section of the item page.

A Short Reprieve:

There is a delay however, in the requirement to remove checks and money orders fro your listings.

You also need to remove references to checks and money orders from your item descriptions. We know that this is a busy time of year for sellers so we’ll wait until January 15, 2009, before we begin insisting on the removal of prohibited payment methods from item descriptions.

So if you still want to list “paper” payment methods, you have three more months, however sellers must have at least one electronic payment method, which for most sellers will be PayPal.


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