Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 60th Anniversary Celebration

Matt Crance Sends along some information about the 60th Anniversary celebration for Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 to be held this coming weekend.

FYI and anyone else that is interested. Ganeodiyo Lodge is celebrating our 60th this coming weekend and are having a Party at Camp Babcock Hovey. Camp Tours + many fun activities will take place during the afternoon of October 11th with a free dinner to follow.
The main reason I am writing you is that there will be a silent patch auction all afternoon with the top 20 items going to bid after dinner. All monies raised will go towards our new lodge building. Please have anyone interested let me know if you are
planning on attending.
The auction include 6 W1’s from our lodge, a set of every NOAC patch, many neckerchiefs, and a little bit of everything else.
BTW there will be a 60th pin given to all participants.
If your near the Finger Lakes and have some free time on Saturday, give Matt a shout.  If you see one of my needs why don’t you pick it up for me 😉


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