eBay Feedback Revisions

Another upcoming change to eBay will be the ability to change feedback.  This change will go into effect next week.

Feedback Revision will enable buyers to change a Feedback rating, comment and Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs). While the Feedback revision process is initiated by a seller, buyers have the option to accept or decline a request. Buyers will have 10 days to respond and non-response will result in the Feedback remaining. Only one request can be made per transaction.

Sellers should only send a Feedback Revision request to the buyer once they have addressed, to the buyer’s satisfaction, the cause for the negative or neutral Feedback. They may also send a request if the buyer accidentally left incorrect Feedback in the first place.

Sellers will have a limit of 5 requests per 1000 Feedback earned within a 12 month period. On average, sellers receive 8 negative Feedbacks per 1000 Feedback earned, so the 5 per 1000 limit will enable sellers to address the occasional mistake, while at the same time not enable sellers with greater than average negative Feedback to “cleanse their record.”

Not a get out of jail free card, but at least it will give a seller a chance to have an undeserved negative or neutral removed from their eBay feedback.


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