Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary S58

Brian Petrowski brings word of a new Anniversary flap frpm Buckskin Lodge #412.

Buckskin Lodge issued it’s 60th anniversary flap at our Fall Service Weekend. Each flap was numbered 001-125 and were sold out. The lodge plans on ordering another 100 pieces starting at #126-225 which will be sold at the Lodge Banquet in December.

Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary Flap S58

Buckskin Lodge #412 60th Anniversary Flap S58

The Blue Book style stats for this one will be:
S58 GRN R M/X ORG ORG FDL; ORG Nassau Co, 412, alternating ORG/WHT W’s ORG 1949 2009 numbered 1-125

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