eBay Giveth and eBay Taketh Away – II

As part of one of its more recent changes, eBay has agaian given and taken away.  I’ve written about the new 30 Day Fixed Price Listings, there is one more wrinle which I had not realized.

It used to be on both unsold Fixed price items and auction, if a relisted item sold, the listing fee was credited back to the seller.  So you only paid one listing fee if it sold the second time around. This is no longer the case for 30 day fixed price items.

Relist Credits Ending for Fixed Price Listings October 22

As you know, we recently reduced Insertion Fees for Fixed Price listings to just 35 cents for a full 30 days, and just 15 cents in Books, Music, Movies & DVDs, and Video Games. As a result, starting October 22 we will no longer be offering Insertion Fees credits when Fixed Price items are relisted. Credits will still be issued for unpaid items and are now being extended to single quantity Store Inventory Format listings if there is an unpaid item. Note that relist credits for Auction-style listings will continue.


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