U S Mint to Produce BSA Silver Dollars

The Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (H.R. 5872) passed in both the House and the Senate, and has been officially signed into law by the president. The bill was first introduced by Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) last April. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) championed the bill in the United States Senate.

From the Press Release:

DALLAS, October 16, 2008—President Bush recently signed into law the Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (H.R. 5872) which authorizes the minting of 350,000 silver dollar coins in recognition of BSA’s 100th Anniversary in 2010.  Only two commemorative coins are selected for U.S. Mint production each year, and minting of the coins for 2010 will occur between February 8, 2010 and January 1, 2011.  For each coin sold, there is a $10 surcharge – representing a $3,500,000 donation – that will be made available to local councils in the form of grants for the extension of Scouting in hard to serve areas.


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  1. Dave Scocca says:

    It is a shame that–at least at the moment–the design features the modern simplified Tenderfoot logo rather than the classic detailed First Class (or even the classic detailed Tenderfoot).

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Your right, I’d prefer the old First Class or even an Eagle Badge Motif. But I guess this is the lowest common denominator.

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