1975 Section NE-2A Conclave

Another pair of images sent by Tom Wadnola for the Section NE-2A 1975 Conclave. The Conclave was held at Camp Boyhaven and hosted by Sisilija Lodge #19.

There was a pocket patch:

Section NE-2A 1975 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2A 1975 Pocket Patch

and a neckerchief:

1975 Section NE-2A Neckerchief

1975 Section NE-2A Neckerchief

The Lodges in Section NE-2A according to the OA Section List included:

  • Sisilija Lodge #19
  • Wakpominee Lodge #48
  • Nischa Nimat Lodge #181
  • Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha Lodge #268
  • Loon Lodge #364
  • Onteroraus Lodge #402
  • Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea Lodge #418

Were there any other issues for this event?
Update October 15, 2011.
There was also a pin issued for the event.

NE-2A 1975 pin front

Thanks to Michael Maxwell for the scan.

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  1. Travis says:

    There also was a button that featured the same design as the patch.

  2. Michael Maxwell says:

    @ Travis, you are correct. Their was a 1 3/8 inch round “pin”. Same colors and design as pocket patch w/ a gold metal border.

    I have one and can send a picture if anyone would like.

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