Section NE-2D 1980 Conclave

The 1980 Section NE-2D Conclave was hosted by Wakanda Lodge #186 and was held at Camp Gorton. Aas was typical at the time, there were two items, that I’m aware of, that were issued for the event.

A pocket patch,

1980 Section NE-2D Pocket Patch

and a neckerchief

1980 Section NE-2D Neckerchief

1980 Section NE-2D Neckerchief

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for a scan of the neckercheif.


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  1. Dave Scocca says:

    I note “Onteroraus” is misspelled differently on the patch and the neckerchief; the patch’s error is I think the more egregious of the two.

  2. nyoatrader says:


    Talk about looking but not seeing, never noticed the misspelling. Thanks for pointing it out. Will have to mention it to one of the misspelling collectors I know.

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