1984 Section NE-2C Conclave Issues

The 1984 Section NE-2C Conclave was hosted by Tuighaunock Lodge #409 and held at Camp Ditmer.  The Conclave theme was Cheeeful Spirit.

There were two issues for this event, a pocket patch:

Section NE-2C 1984 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2C 1984 Pocket Patch

and a silkscreened neckerchief (after the jump).

Section NE-2C 1984 Neckerchief

Section NE-2C 1984 Neckerchief

According to the OA Section List, the lodges in the Section at this time were:

  • Ty-Ohni Lodge #95
  • Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159
  • Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge #165
  • Amo’chk Lodge #339
  • Tuighaunock Lodge #409
  • Ganeodiyo Lodge #417
  • Ga-Goh’-Sa Lodge #547

Is anyone aware of any other issues from this event?


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