Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 eX2008 Spring Fellowship

Last weekends Western New York Traders Association TOR brought a few new issues to lights (and filled a few needs too).  One of the new issues uncovered is courtesy of Mike Knittel.  He allowed me to photograph several Ty-Ohni issues which were not in the Blue Book and are needs of mine.

The first one is a new event issue from Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 issued for the  2008 Spring Fellowship.

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 2008 Spring Fellowship eX2008

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 2008 Spring Fellowship eX2008

The Blue Book stats for this one will be:
eX2008 BLK R M/C RED WHT 2008 FDL; RED WWW, 2008 Spring Fellowship Shield-shaped


A motion to adjourn is always in order.
Robert Heinlein, Lazarus Long: Time Enough For Love
US science fiction author (1907 – 1988)

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