Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Brooklyn Arrowhead eZX2008

Last year I wrote about the Brooklyn Arrowhead alumni group.

The Brooklyn Arrowhead describes themselves as “Order of the Arrow Scouts and Scouters that attended Camp Brooklyn, TMR from 1928 thru the 1970’s” They are essentially an alumni group of Scouters and former Scouters and while there ranks contain a number of ex-lodge chiefs and lodge advisors they, as an organization, are not part of Shu Shu Gah Lodge#24. Individually a number of the Arrowhead members do maintain there membership in the Lodge.

Over the years, they have issued several pieces of memorabilia to commemorate their reunion weekend typically held in early September each year.

The Blue Book describes private issues as

Privately-created patches intended to resemble specific legitimate issues from current or past lodges. These are unambiguously describable as “fakes”; the classic “Bates Fakes” are a canonical example.

As I wrote last year, they are not an authorized chapter. ( there are no youth members.) The Blue Books lists them as Y issues, but I think Z would be more accurate.

Since they do use the Blue Heron Totem on their patches, they could be confused with other lodge and chapter issues if left unlisted.  Here is the 2008 issue.

24eZX2008 Brooklyn Arrowhead 45th Annual Reunion

24eZX2008 Brooklyn Arrowhead 45th Annual Reunion

The Brooklyn arrowhead are a dedicated group, this is their 45th Annual Reunion. They have several events each year and donate funds as a group (and individually) to GNYC.


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