1987 Section NE-2D Conclave

The 1987 Section NE-2D Conclave memorabilia does not indicate who was the host lodge, nor the location where it was held.  Following the pattern from previous years, there were at least two items issued, a pocket patch and a Two neckerchiefs.

A Pocket Patch:

Section NE-2D 1987 Conclave Patch

Section NE-2D 1987 Conclave Patch

And the neckerchief:

Were there any other issues for this event?  Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the images.

Update: October 23

While cataloging my conclave issues, I came across the neckerchief below with White Piping.  Does anyone know the reason for the two different colors?

Section NE-2D 1987 Neckerchief - White Piping

Section NE-2D 1987 Neckerchief - White Piping

I still need the Red Piped version if anyone has one available.
I’ve been told that the neckerchief with Red Piping is the staff Version and the white Piping is the Participant version. Can anyone confirm this information?

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