Suanhacky Lodge #49 Fundraiser Flap

Here is the second of two new issues from Suanhacky Lodge, brought to us by Eddy Peterson.

This is the first part of a csp/flap set that our lodge recently put out as a fundraiser for Greater New York Councils’  Reeve’s Lodge, located at Camp Alpine.  The flap and csp depict the Flushing Meadow Park (World’s Fair) Unisphere. Issued is to raise money for the renovation of Reeve’s Lodge.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 S61

Suanhacky Lodge #49 S61

Blue Book stats:
S61 RED R M/C M/C M/C FDL; BLK outlined YEL, Lodge and Council Name WHT outlined BLK; RED outlined BLK WWW. World’s Fair Unisphere scene

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