Area 2-G 1953 Conclave (?) Neckerchief

Here is another image provided by Neale Cummings, this one from the 1953 Area 2-G Conclave held on September 12 & 13, 1953. The OA Conclave Handbook by Dingwerth and Jensen does not show a 1953 Conclave, however Neale provides information from the 1968 Area 2-G Conclave booklet which lists a 1953 Conclave hosted by Adirondack Lodge #357 and held at Camp Portaferry. Unlike all of the other conclaves, there is no listing for an Area Chief.

My guess would be that this was an organizing event and likely the first time these lodges got together, which also explains the very simple design. If you also check the numbering used on the later 2-G conclave issues, the 1953 would be the Zero Conclave.

Update: Based on the comments below and talking to several long time 2-G members and collectors, I would agree that this neckerchief is most likely from 1955 not 1953. Further that the 1953 conference was likely an organizational event with the first conclave occurring in 1954 which seems to match the chronology on later numbered conclave issues.

Update March 2017:
It has been debated on this blog whether the neckerchief shown below was issued for either the 1953 Area 2-G Conclave or for the 1955 Area 2-G Conclave.
Mark Eddy looks to put this speculation to rest. He advises that he has confirmed that this neckerchief was issued for the 1955 2-G conclave which was confirmed to him by the contemporary Lodge and Area Chief.

Area 2-G 1955 Conclave Neckerchief

Area 2-G 1955 Conclave Neckerchief


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  1. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Bill-
    This neckerchief has long caused some confusion. I have a different view on this neckerchief regarding date and conclave:
    This neckerchief was actually used for the 1955 conclave (not 1953 as suggested) held at Camp Rotary hosted by Tahgajute #247.

    These are the reasons why this makes sense:
    1. Look at the neckerchief, stylistically, it looks very similar to the 1955 patch (which also makes no mention of the conclave or date).
    2. It is more likely that the neckerchief was produced for the 1955 event because a patch was definitely issued (for the 1955 conclave) and was likely paired with it.
    3. As Bill states, it is possible that nothing was produced for the 1953 meeting (it was probably not a true conclave because the 1956 patch clearly states “Area II-G 3rd Conference”). This implies that the first “true” conclave was 1954 (which has both a neckerchief slide and neckerchief….both clearly dated and stylistically similar). I believe the said 1955 patch was erroneously attributed to this (1954) conclave in the collecting guide (it stylistically looks nothing like the other 1954 pieces).

    I would place both the arrowhead shaped patch (I believe you’ve shared it in previous blog posts) and neckerchief in the same year. Either both were used for the 1953 meeting (very unlikely….because it leaves us with the no items being produced for the 1955 event) or both for the 1955 conclave (by deduction, it is more likely that either nothing or a much smaller production run was produced for the 1953 planning meeting….perhaps leaving us with the possibility that there are still 1953 items to discover)
    My 2 cents-

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Ray,Thanks for the analysis. I used the date that was provided to me on the scan. I’ll need to dig through what has been provided to me by Tom Neale and yourself see what I have for the 1955 2-G patch.
    The 1954 2-G Conclave issues can be seen in this post

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