Section NE-2B 2008 Conclave

The last NE-2B conclave was held at Kittatiny Mountain Scout Reservation in June 2008. According to Howard Gordon, there were a

Total of 4 including the Service Corps patch (which will probably be in the Blue Book as a Sakuwit 2 Event patch): Participants patch, Jacket Patch BLK bdr (Trading Post), Jacket Patch GMY bdr (COC), Octagon Shaped Service Corps patch issued by / for Sakuwit 2 members (2X26? on OA Images.)

The pocket patch is shown below.

Section NE-3B 2008 Conclave Pocket Patch

There was also a participant pin (after the jump).



BBQ not Grilling

One of the joys of summer, at least for me is more chances and time to grill and to smoke. As us Southern boys know (I’m from south Brooklyn!), Grilling is not BBQ and BBQ is not Grilling.

BBQ is cooked long and slow. These Southern boys can explain it better than me.