Nischa Nimat Lodge #181 Oddity

An odd flap from Nischa Nimat Lodge #181recently appeared on eBay. It appeared to have a gray border not the white or black borders typical of most issues. Was it a new issue, something not previously cataloged?

Dave Scocca was the winning bidder and provided all of the scans in this post. He confirmed the color was true in the scan but…

On closer investigation, it’s the S-7 with a hand-colored border. I will send a separate message with scans plus some details of the edge that make this obvious–the gray doesn’t go all the way around to the back of the flap, and there are tell-tale dark edges on the blue sky and particularly the green grass.
Here are some of the additional scans (click on the pictures for larger images) :
181 Gray Border Rear View

181 Gray Border Rear View

And two more:

Left Front Edge View, Note the white alongside the gray

181 S? Left Front Edge View

You can see the part of the white border which has not been colored gray alongside the gray front edge.

In this scan, you will see the discoloration along the edge of the green grass on the bottom of the flap where is abuts the border.

Bottom Edge - Note the discoloration

181 Gray Border Bottom Edge

So is it or isn’t it?
No it isn’t a newly discovered issue, just a hand made oddity.


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