Area 2-G 8th Annual Conclave – 1961

1961 marked the 8th Area 2-G Conclave. The event was held at Camp Russell and the Host Lodge was Kamargo Lodge #294. According to information provided by Neale Cummings, the Area chief was Robert Fistic.

There were 3 items issued for this event; Update: 2 a pocket patches, and neckerchief (with patch) and a slide.

First the patch:

Update 07-08-2008: click on the image for a larger version, apparently there were two versions of the pocket patch a cut edge and a rolled edge.  The rolled edge more of a yellow color and the cut edge a gold border.

and the neckerchief:

The neckerchief has a blue silkscreened arrows and WWW in addition to a larger version of the patch sewn to it. The pocket path is a three inch round. The patch on the neckerchief is almost an oval approximately 3 7/8 inches by 4 1/8 inches tall.

I’m looking for a picture (and trade) for the neckerchief slide.

Update Dec. 11,2010
Mark Eddy sent along some image and information on neckerchief slides issued for the conclave. He writes:

For the 1961 examples I have enclosed the red ones on the opposite bias saw cut. There may be an opposite cut for the blue example but I cannot remember.

Interestingly enough, the 1961 slides were cut from scrap shovel handles. They were obtained from Union Fork & Hoe in Frankfort, NY. Camp Russell is about 45 minutes north of Frankfort. Frankfort had Scout Troops and were in the old General Herkimer Council.

Here are is the red versions:

Area 2-G 1961 Red Neckerchief Slides

And the Blue version:

Area 2-G 1961 Blue Neckerchief Slide

Actually I have a scan of the opposite bias on the blue slide too:

Update November 2012
Gary Moshier has sent along a scan of a second neckerchief and wonders if it may be a staff issue.

The black one I have looked very closely at and it has not washed and faded I do believe there was a Black Border and a Blue Border possibly making the Black Border a Staff

Area 2-G 1961 Conclave Staff Neckerchief?

I don’t know if it is a staff version, does anyone have more information?

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