Complete NY State OA Bullion Collection

John Pannell just posted on his OA specialty collection, OA Bullions. He describes them as:

My own special interested is very restricted. I collect bullions. Bullions are a rather unusual category of insignia. These patches are made, at least in part, with coiled metal in place of thread. Blue Book uses a “B” to note these issues. My collection of these patches is possibly the most complete on in the country.

I don’t mean to brag myself, but I do have a complete NY State OA Bullion Collection. I was able to complete it a couple of years back with the acquisition of the Bullion pictured below fro Suanhacky Lodge #49.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Bullion B1

Of course, the 49B1 is the only bullion from a New York State OA Lodge, but it did complete my collection.

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