The Black Eagle Trader Heats Up

Matt Kirkland who maintains the Black Eagle Trader blog, after some months of quiet has just produced a flurry of posts on issues from Black Eagle Lodge  and it Chapters.

They include the Black Eagle Elder Brother Flap,  a neckerchief variety from Namassakett Chapter, and some speculation about the status in the hobby for collecting overseas issues.

He also maintains website for trading and for Black Eagle history at 

If overseas OA is your niche, check it out.


Speed Traps!!

NjectionFound this one during my daily reading on Google Reader. Ever gotten a speeding ticket? Wondering where the speed traps are when heading to Scout Camp or on vacation? Here is a new web application that may interest you.

Available now is Speed Trap, a mashup (Web application hybrid) that combines Microsoft Live Maps and the ability to pinpoint and review speed traps located anywhere on the planet. The information shared by its members is placed into a database and can be viewed by anyone.

In addition to the location of the trap, members can post detailed information such as the type of speed detection used, posted speed limit, and level of enforcement. Membership is totally free.

Speedtrap Map

A work in progress, but if your interested, you can find it Speed Trap here.