Shopping on Amazon – Filler Items

Since it is the holiday season, many of us are visiting and buying items on Amazon.

Amazon typically offers free shipping on most products if your order is $25.00 or more.  I recently found a website which will find filler items to make your order reach the $25.00  minimum .  You spend a dollar or two to save the $5.99 shipping fee.

Check out Amazon Filler Item.  You input the amount you need to reach free shipping and the categories you want to search.

After all,  a Scout is Thrifty


Buckskin Lodge #412 Chapter Chief Issue

New IssueBrian Petrowski brings word of three new issues from Buckskin Lodge #412. The first is issued to Chapter Chiefs in Buckskin Lodge, who in turn present them to chapter members as a recognition for exceptional service. The design features the ‘new’ wolf head of the S54 and a Blue Border.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Chapter Chief Issue

Blue Book Stats:
S55 BLU R M/C ORG ORG FDL; ORG Nassau Co, 412, alternating ORG/WHT W’s, SMY Eyes Chapter Chief Award

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How Do You Say…

I’m a big reader (make your own jokes here) and over the years have come across words that I’ve learned the meaning of via context or written definition, but have never heard it in conversation.   Having a conversation and wanted to use a word, but not sure how it should be pronounced?  Here’s a website to help

How Do You Say

 Hat Tip: Lifehacker