Amazon – Price Protectr

Price ProtectrFor the last few years I’ve relied very heavily upon for my on-line shopping.  I’ve also taken advantage of Amazon Prime for free 2nd day shipping with no minimum puchase amount. 

Not having to go to the mall and free shipping is a combination that can’t be beat in my book.  Now you can add their price drop guarantee  to the equation.

Don’t want to check your purchased item every day to see if the price has gone down?

Head on over to PriceProtectr, you can create an account (this only takes about a minute) and then let them monitor the prices of items that you’ve purchased.

Entering items is easy, simply paste in a link to the item and hit submit. 

They will get the item specifics and price for you, then click a button to confirm. 

That’s all.  If the price drops, PriceProtectr will send you an e-mail and you can head over to the Returns and Refunds Contact Form to request a credit.