Gladiatus – Hero of Rome


If you aren`t afraid of the dangers of the wilderness, if you can proudly enter the arena and you are able to defeat everyone who challenges you – then enter the merciless world of Gladiatus!

Gladiatus ScreenshotSince I never grew up, I still play several computer games, a couple of them online games. One free game I play is called Gladiatus.

How do I become an almighty powerful Gladiator?
You need to train and buy some good weapons and armor. Both of these will cost gold, the more you train the more you will need to spend. The better weapons and armor also cost a lot. Money is the key.

To become top of the ranks will take effort and determination. There are 2 systems of ranks in Gladiatus. The Highscore and the Arena ranks. Your rank in both of these is shown at the top just to the left of centre of the screen at all times.

There are nearly 30,000 players on my server (5) which is one of 8 servers currently used in the game.  If you think you might be interested, click the link.


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