2014 Order of the Arrow Handbook

I just updated my Order of the Arrow Handbook Checklist. I was spurred to update if due to an acquisition of one of my needs at the Trade-O-Ree in Allentown last month. This is the 2014 Printing of the 2009 Copyright and lists Nicholas Dannemiller as National Chief.

After 1989, there was no indication of the month or printing size. There was usually an indication of the year it was revised or printed. Most recently, the easiest identifier is the name/signature of the National Chief printed in the Handbook.

2014 Order of the Arrow Handbook
2014 Order of the Arrow Handbook

Looking to confirm if one more recent OA Handbook was actually issued for 2011 and if so, I’m looking to purchase or trade for it.

2011 National Chief Jonathan Hillis

Can anyone confirm if they have an OA Handbook with this National Chief?


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