Aquehongian Lodge #112 75th Anniversary LEC Flap S42

I previously wrote about the final banquet for Aquehongian Lodge #112 which took place a couple of weekends ago.

The end of an important 75-year piece of Boy Scouting history on Staten Island was marked Saturday in the Staaten, West Brighton.

Aquehongian Lodge 112 of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America, celebrated both its 75th anniversary and the end of its tenure as a full, independent lodge.

At the Banquet, two final flaps were issued. The second was more limited and given only to the LEC/Banquet

Aquehongian Lodge #112 75th Anniversary LEC Flap S42

Aquehongian Lodge #112 75th Anniversary LEC Flap S42

The stats for this one are:
S42 GMY R M/C M/C DBL FDL; Name Red outlined Blk; WHT WWW, 1938-2013 LEC

Anyone have one for trade?

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