Look Back – Ranachqua Lodge #4 Service Award

Back in November 2007 I wrote about an item which appeared on eBay, a Ranachqua Lodge #4 Service Award.

This small beaded strip, does have the owl totem of Ranachqua Lodge and a red WWW. The bead colors, shape of the owl and overall design does match what was being used by the lodge during that time frame in its neckerchiefs. I have no reason to doubt it is from Ranachqua, but have no independent confirmation either.

It is not an issue that would be listed in the Blue Book, but does anyone know its provenance or confirm its use by the lodge?

Ranachqua Lodge #4 Service Award?

There were a couple of comments on the original post, but no definitive answer.

I though I would get a fe fresh eyes on the item and see if the current collective wisdom of the readership could idntify it.

[phpbay]Ranachqua Lodge, 10[/phpbay]

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