Update 1:1 Trades page

Effective April 1, 2013, the 5 GNYC Lodges which include Suanhacky and Shu shu Gah will be merged into the new Kintekoying Lodge #4. Shu shu Gah Lodge is now sold out of its flaps and of course, no more will be ordered. I’ve updated my 1:1 trades page with several offers including:

While they last, I have a standing offer to trade either my regular issue Shu Shu Gah Lodge S49 Flap

Shu Shu Gah Lodge new Regular Issue Flap S49

or the Shu Shu Gah Lodge CSP (X15)

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 CSP X15

for any new New York State OA Lodge flap, chapter patch or for a NYS Lodge or chapter event patch I need. Will also work out trades for neckerchiefs, backpatches, odd shapes or two piece sets. I’ll also trade for NYS Section Conclave issues I need.

I also have two different Suanhacky Lodge #49 flaps which I will also trade on the same terms.

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