Suanhacky Lodge #49 Katrina Fundraiser Red Border X31

During the transition from Blue Book V to Blue Book VI, I wrote up the Suanhacky Lodge #49 Katrina Fundraiser X31 over seven years ago. Unfortunately, it never made my checklist. For those keeping score, Now I’ve updated all of the effected issue numbers to reflect this oversight.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 has issued a patch “designed to raise funds for TI’ak Lodge #404, Pine Burr Council, Mississippi. The Council and their Camp Ti’ak suffered horrendous damageas a result of Hurricane Katrina.” The cost of the patch has been underwritten, so the entire proceeds from the sale of these patches will go to Ti’ak Lodge.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Katrina Fundraiser X31

Suanhacky Lodge #49 Katrina Fundraiser X31

The stats for this are:
49X31 RED R M/C RED LBL FDL; RED WWW, Firm Bound in Brotherhood, 2006 Joint Issue w/404 Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser (also listed as 404X7)

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