Order of the Arrow Neckerchief Slides

There has been some conversation on Patch-L and the Scout Patch Collectors Group on metal arrowhead-shaped Neckerchief slides. These slides include various totems and WWW in them. One version is shown below.

Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418 Metal Neckerchief Slide

There are also at least thhree versions of the neckerchief ring on the reverse side.

Roy Weatherbee left a long comment on his research which I thought should be highlighted in its own post.

Here’s some more recent info regarding these slides. While I’ve confirmed they were made in NYC, I have not confirmed if they were ever sold by Grey Owl. I have a photo album for these slides started here on my facebook page:


I collect OA from Region 1 and took an interest in these when they began to surface in a number of old collections (including several from within my own lodge 525). I’m sure that the generic ones were used all across the country, and some lodges probably ordered them for their lodge trading post (giving rise the the belief by some that they constitute “lodge issues”), but I also have a few that were clearly custom made for specific lodges and probably should be considered lodge issues.

Until Tracy Mesler (Texas) sent me images of his slide collection, I had NEVER seen the slides in their original packaging. However, the “NYC” and “10012″ gave me just enough info to track down an old Trademark Registration (filed 1965, registered 1966, expired 1989) which revealed the trademark owner as:

(d.b.a. “TOTEM SLIDES”)
NYC, NY 10012


They’re obviously no longer around and their trademark expired in 1989, so it’s logical to assume they went out of business sometime between 1966 and 1989. These were popular in the 1960s, but it’s unclear to me how long they were around beyond that. I’ve dug up several within my own lodge (525) but always from members who were active in the 1960s.

Armed with this info, I found and purchased a 1954 Eastern Handicraft catalog. Unfortunately there was no mention of these at all, so 1954 was obviously a bit too early.

Although their trademark application was not filed until 1965, I believe (based on the age of some of the collections in which these have been found) that the earliest may date to the 1950′s.

According to Google Books, the company was mentioned in a number of publications:

Boy’s Life — 7/61, 11/63, 6/65, 12/65, 12/66 (and probably others)

1962 National Camp Directors Guide (also contains ads for Grey Owl and Neal Slides)


Their display ad from the June 1965 issue of Boy’s Life mentions a “free full color photo and price list” which, if we could track down, would be enlightening. I remember seeing these in some catalog as a youth (70s-era), so will continue to search for a Grey Owl catalog that may contain these – possible as both companies were in the NYC area. OTOH, they were also competitors as well.

Roy Wetherbee


I’ve looked at Grey Owl Catalogs from 1976 and 1978, neither of them have these neckerchief slides. If Grey Owl sold them, I would suspect it was 1974 or earlier. My memory is Grey Owl did sell them. I visited the store several times between 1970-1974 era, so suspect the catalog from that time frame would more likely contain them.

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Table of contents for Neckerchief Slides

  1. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide
  2. Ktemaque Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide
  3. Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide 25th Anniversary
  4. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Neckerchief Slide 45th Anniversary
  5. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Neckerchief Slide
  6. Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief Slide L5
  7. Nacha Nimat Ldoge #86 Neckerchief Slide
  8. Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159 Neckerchief Slide
  9. Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief Slide
  10. Kamargo Lodge #294 Neckerchief Slide
  11. Wakanda Lodge #186 Arrowree 1961 Neckerchief Slide
  12. Amo’Chk’ Lodge #339 Flap-Shaped Neckerchief Slide
  13. Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief Slide
  14. Buckskin Lodge #412 Plaster Neckerchief Slide
  15. Thayendanegea Lodge #418 Neckerchief Slide
  16. Shinnecock Lodge #360 Neckerchief Slide
  17. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Eluwak Chapter Bolo Tie
  18. Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418 Metal Neckerchief Slide
  19. Grey Owl Neckerchief Slides
  20. Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418 Area 2-D Conclave Slides
  21. Nischa-Nimat Lodge #181 Neckerchief Slide
  22. Grey Owl Neckerchief Slides – Update
  23. A Look Back – Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief Slide
  24. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide – 2
  25. Discovery – Ranachqua Lodge #4 1955 Conclave
  26. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Birchbark Neckerchief Slide
  27. Half Moon Lodge #28 Bolo Slide
  28. What item in your collection means the most to you?
  29. AH Wa Ge Lodge #477 Neal Slide
  30. Area 2-D 1967 Conclave Neckerchief Slide
  31. Discovery – Buckskin Lodge L6
  32. Munsi Lodge #444 Neckerchief Slide
  33. Suanhacky Lodge #49 1958 Neckerchief Slide
  34. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  35. Update – Sislija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  36. Mide Lodge #15 Hanigus Chapter L1
  37. Early Area 3A Neckerchief Slides
  38. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  39. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neckerchief Slide
  40. Gajuka Lodge #477 Neckerchief slide
  41. Tuscarora Lodge # 284 Neckerchief Slide
  42. Onteroraus Lodge #402 Neckerchief Slide
  43. Kamargo Lodge #294 Slide Farm Neckerchief Slide
  44. Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Neckerchief Slide
  45. Another Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Neckerchief Slide
  46. Manatoanna Lodge #461 L1 Slide/Bolo
  47. Ranacahqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide #3
  48. Aquehongian Lodge #112 Wooden Neckerchief Slide
  49. Kamargo Lodge #294 Neckerchief Slides
  50. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Totem Slide
  51. Order of the Arrow Neckerchief Slides
  52. Discovery – Mohawk Lodge #267 Neckerchief Slide L1
  53. Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 1959 Summer Banquet Slide eNS1959
  54. Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 1958 Neckerchief Slide
  55. Discovery – Suanhacky Lodge #49 eL1959

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