Aquehongian Lodge #112 2012 NOAC Contingent Set S39 X12

New IssueAquehongian Lodge #112 recently issued 3 two piece sets for the 2012 NOAC as reported by Frank Mullane. They are the first GNYC Lodge not to use a subway car in their design (since Staten Island has none); but they did picture the Staten Island Ferry in their design to keep the mass transit theme going.

This is the second of the three sets, this one with a silver border is for the contingent.

Aquehongian Lodge #112 2012 NOAC Contingent Set S39 X12

The stats for this set should be:
S39 SIL R LBL – LBL FDL; ORG Aquehonga “Sandy Beach” BRN Lodge 112 w/X12 – Contingent
X12 SIL R M/C – ORG FDL: TUR NOAC 2012 Michigan BLK WWW w/S39 – Contingent

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