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Section NE-7B 1989 Conclave Issues

conclave1989 saw the first conclave under the most recent realignment. The 1989 Section NE-7B Conclave was hosted by Otahnagon Lodge #172 and held at their Camp Tuscarora.

There were at least 2 issues for the event, a pocket patch

Section NE-7B 1989 Pocket Patch

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the scan.

There was also a neckerchief which is a need of mine, looking for a better scan too.

Section NE-7B 1989 Neckerchief

Were there any other items issued for this event?

The Lodges in NE-7B at this time were:

  • Ona Yote Lodge #34
  • Gosh Wha Gono Lodge #120
  • Otahnagon Lodge #172
  • Kamargo Lodge #294
  • Nischa Nitis Lodge #410
  • Gajuka Lodge #477



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