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Today’s Links June 30, 2012

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Section NE-2A 2012 Conclave Issues

This is the first year of the new Northeast Region OA section alignments.

The first conclave was hosted by Owaneco Lodge #313 Paugassett 553 and the theme was “World Wide Weekend”. It was held at Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation (Thanks to Rob Higgens for the correction).

There were two three issues that I am aware of.

A pocket patch for all participants and via the trading post.

Section NE-2A 2012 Pocket Patch

There was also a limited patch for the Staff and Very Important Arrowman functions.

Section NE-2A 2012 Staff/VIA Patch

The staff patch is currently a need of mine.

Update September 2012 there was also a jacket patch available via preorder but did not arrive in time for the event.

Section NE-2A 2012 Jacket Patch

Section NE-2A contains:

  • Tschitani #10 CT
  • Half Moon #28 NY
  • Pocumtuc #(83) MA
  • Nacha Nimat #86 NY
  • Owaneco #313 CT
  • Paugassett #553 CT

Thanks to Nick Wolf for the images.


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Today’s Links June 29, 2012

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Look Back – Wakanda Lodge #186 Service Medal

Five years ago, I posted on a Sevice Medal from Wakanda Lodge #186.

Based on the design, I suspect this is from the early 1980’s and further that it is a youth award. My reasoning for this is that the design matches that of the X1 (pictured at right ) which was issued for youth members attending the 1983 NOAC.
Wakanda Lodge #186 X1 1983 NOAC

Wakanda Lodge #186 Service Medal Youth?


Does anyone have any documentation for this item? The requirements to earn the award, etc.

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Today’s Links June 28, 2012

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Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 2012 NOAC Fundraiser Set S55 X19

The Subway Cars theme continues for the GNYC Lodges that have issued patches for the 2012 NOAC to date. I had previously posted the artist rendition. Here are the images of the 2012 NOAC set from Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24.

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 2012 NOAC Fundraiser Set S55 X19

The stats for this set are:
S55 DGR R M/C YEL DGY FDL; WHT NOAC 2012 East Lansing, MI – Fundraiser w/X19
X19 DGR C M/C RED RED FDL; YEL NOAC 2012, RED WWW w/S55 – Fundraiser

If your interested in ordering a set, an order form is currently available.

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Today’s Links June 26, 2012

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