Onteroraus Lodge #402 2012 NOAC Trader Set S53 X10

While at the CNY TOR last weekend, a became aware of a 2012 NOAC Trader Set from Onteroraus Lodge #402, their S52 S53 X10. Don Tuttle was kind enough to help me out with this one.

The Lodge number does not appear on the flap and there is no identifying lodge information on the chevron.

Onteroraus Lodge #402 2012 NOAC Trader Set S53 X10

The stats for this should be:
S53 LBL R M/C WHT YEL FDL; Summer Scene, no lodge number on flap – 2012 NOAC Trader w/X10
X10 LBL R M/C – – WHT NOAC 2012 – Indian in Canoe – 2012 NOAC Trader w/S53

Update September 2012 Edited to correct Issue Number

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