Interactive Blue Book

Roy More recently posted that the Interactive OA Blue Book was ready for testing.

They have added the ability to view existing data and add new issues and images to the database in a pending mode.

Clicking on the image above will bring you to the site.

I spent some time checking it out.  First I added Kittan Lodge and than input all 18 issues since their inception (including 3 fakes) all of which have previously reported on this site.

You can see the results there:

Screenshot of issues added for Kittan Lodge

I left some comments on the post about my experience.

Give it a read, check out the other comments and give the site a test drive.


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  1. Bill,

    You’re right on the money with needing ‘bulk’ upload/entry features. For, I allow bulk image upload by accepting zip files of images – it’s not that hard to program for it, but I don’t know if they do custom programming or not. I see they use Perl, which is what I write PatchLodge with, so I might be able to provide some pointers. Once the images are uploaded, they can be associated with entries somehow manually.

    For the bulk uploading of information and new entries, it’s also straightforward to accept excel spread sheets (with specific columns) or some other textual data format. Upon upload, each record is processed as if it came from the form. This makes it a lot easier for upload and issue creation/drescription…

    WWW && YiS,
    Brett Estrade

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