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Ganosote Lodge #159 Neckerchief N1c?

While filing away some recent Ganosote Lodge #159 acquisitions, I decided to check what I thought was a duplicate neckerchief to see if it was in better condition than the one in my collection.  As I tried to find its match, I realized it was an unlisted variety.   The Indian chief had a dark brown face, and the lodge name was dark green, similar to the N2 varieties, but the cloth was yellow like the other N1 issues.

Ganosote Lodge #159 Neckerchief N1c

The lodge name appears to be a much darker green to the naked eye than what shows in the scanned image.

The tentative Blue Book Stats for this one would be:
N1c – – YEL DGR – TRI; SSC design like P1-P2; DBR Indian face; WHT lock stitch


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 31, 2010


Suanhacky Lodge #49 N2

Here is a strategy used by a seller who is likely unsure of an items true value or hoping for a bidder who had to have it.  Here is an auction for a Suanhacky Lodge #49 N2 which recently ended on eBay without a bid.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

At $ 89.00, I can see why there were no bids.

The seller recently re-listed the Suanhacky Lodge #49 N2for a starting price of $ 4.41.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

With a starting price of $ 4.41, this should generate some interest.


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Sakuwit Lodge #2 East Coast Trade-O-Ree

The 2010 East Coast Annual TOR sponsored by Sakuwit OA Lodge #2 will be held on

Friday, March 19, 2010, 5-11 PM EST, (Dealer Set-up starts @ 3:30 PM), &
Saturday, March 20, 2010, 8 AM – 3 PM EST.

The TOR will be held at:
St. Bartholomew’s Church Parish Hall
470 Ryders Lane
East Brunswick, NJ, 08816

This is the same location as last year.

The church’ parish hall is off of State Rte 18, about 4-5 miles SE of Exit #9 of the New Jersey Turnpike and also the intersection of US Hwy #1 & Rte 18.

General Admission is free.

Both Inside Tables  & Wall Tables are $20.00 each.  First come, first served.

For table reservations & other information contact:
Ron Levine


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Abnaki Lodge Arrowheads – A Tale of Two Patches

There were recently two examples of Abnaki Lodge Arrowheads on eBay.  And there were markedly different expectations by the sellers.

The first Abnaki Lodge Arrowhead is pictured below.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

The seller of the Second Abnaki Lodge Arrowhead had different expectations.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

This seller, started the auction at $ 50.090 and letting it go from there.  Still a few hours left. where will it end up?


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Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide

There is a Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide currently generating a bit of interest on eBay. Just a few minutes are left in the auction as I write this post.  Clicking on the link will show you where it ended up.


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 30, 2010