Ganosote Lodge #159 Neckerchief N1c?

While filing away some recent Ganosote Lodge #159 acquisitions, I decided to check what I thought was a duplicate neckerchief to see if it was in better condition than the one in my collection.  As I tried to find its match, I realized it was an unlisted variety.   The Indian chief had a dark brown face, and the lodge name was dark green, similar to the N2 varieties, but the cloth was yellow like the other N1 issues.

Ganosote Lodge #159 Neckerchief N1c

The lodge name appears to be a much darker green to the naked eye than what shows in the scanned image.

The tentative Blue Book Stats for this one would be:
N1c – – YEL DGR – TRI; SSC design like P1-P2; DBR Indian face; WHT lock stitch


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