Most Expensive OA Flap?

I was trolling through the open auctions on eBay, and came across what is likely to be the most expensive OA flap.  It is certainly as of this writing the most expensive items in the Boy Scout category with a bid, 14 of them in fact.  The White Panther F1 First Flap.

Clicking on the image for the next few months, will bring you to the auction results.

With over a day left to run, where do you think it will end?


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1964 Area 2-G Conclave Neckerchief Slide

I had previously written about the memorabilia issued for the 1964 Area 2-G Conclave. At the time, I was only aware of two items issued for the event.  Neale Cummings sends along a third item; a neckerchief slide.

1964 Area 2G Neckerchief Slide

I’ll be adding this to the original post as well.

Anything else issued for the event?


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Shared Items From Around The Web – January 15, 2010


1949 Albany Area OA Conclave

I’ve been meaning to write about this early NYS OA Conclave from 1949.

It is a bit unusual, as it would seem to come after the Lettered Area D (1948) but before the formation of Area 2-D circa 1949.  At the least, it seems to only include a portion of the Area 2-D and could be looked on as a predecessor to the area covered today by Kittan Lodge.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.

It did sell, for the minimum bid of $ 349.99.  Anyone know more about this item?


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