RWS Grouping on eBay

Recently, there was an RWS Grouping on eBay. Not buried treasure by any means, since the minimum bid was $ 3100.00 with a BIN of $ 3,500.00.

Here is a picture from the auction:

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

The question was asked on eBay, what was the key piece which commanded the steep price? I knew it wasn’t the Brooklyn RWS.  Bruce Raver opined that it was probably the Robert Treat Council which was a tough variety with some value being added by the Central South Carolina Council RWS.

Certainly something to watch out for.


“Neither a state nor a bank ever have had unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power” – David Ricardo, “The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo“, 1817


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