Hiawatha Seaway Council Changes its Name

It official, I had earlier reported that Hiawatha Seaway Council was planning to change its name.

Steve Austin reported:

the 2 finalists that the Executive Board is voting on now are:
Longhouse Council and Adirondack Foothills Council.  I will let you know what wins as soon as I hear.
Both Steve Austin and Dick Krzyiewski have reported that a final decision has been announced.

Second, the voting for a new council name is complete.  We will now be called “Longhouse Council”.  The new council name reflects the area’s rich Native American history that is a common bond throughout our entire service area.  Of course, by-laws and court documents will need to be filed and we will complete that work in a timely manner.

No word on the Lodge or when a new CSP will be issued.  The Council had earlier stated that the 2010 JSP set would have the new Council Name.  Don’t know if this will be the first issue?


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