Section NE-3B 2008 Conclave Neckerchief

conclaveI had previously written about the Section NE-3B 2008 Conclave and showed a picture of the pocket patch.  It was held at Tuscarora Scout Reservation, and hosted by Otahnagon Lodge #172.  The Conclave Theme was: Lucky 7 – Seven Lodges United.

Now I can share a picture of the neckerchief (another acquisition from the 2009 Central New york TOR).

Section NE-3B 2008 Neckerchief

Section NE-3B 2008 Neckerchief

I’ll update the earlier post with this image as well.  Was there a jacket patch issued for the event too?

The seven Lodges which made up NE-3B in 2008 were:

  • Ga-Hon-Ga #34
  • Half Moon #28
  • Kittan #364
  • Kayanernh-Kowa #219
  • Onteroraus #402
  • Otahnagon #172
  • Tahgajute #247

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