Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219 S20/X8 2009 NOAC Delegate Set

New IssueWhile at the Central New York TOR on June 6th, I was given the opportunity to photograph the Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219 2009 NOAC Delegate 2-piece Set. These patches have not been released to the delegates yet, but I am able to share them with you now.

Kayenernh-Kowa Lodge #219 2009 NOAC Delegate Set S20/X8

Kayenernh-Kowa Lodge #219 2009 NOAC Delegate Set S20/X8

Blue Book style stats:
S20 LPR R PUR YEL LPR FDL; YEL Hiawatha Seaway Council LPR Lodge 219 10th Ann NAOC 2009 w/X8
X8 LPR R M/C WHT LPR FDL; WHT Hiawatha Seaway Council LPR 1999 – 2009 Lodge 10th Ann NAOC 2009 w/S20


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