NE-2B 1982 Conclave Staff Neckerchief

conclaveI had previously posted about the 1982 Section NE-2B conclave, Ray Gould sends along some additional items issued for that event.  The Conclave was hosted by Adirondack Lodge #357 and held at Camp Portaferry.

First up is a staff neckerchief:

1982 Section NE-2B Staff Neckerchief

1982 Section NE-2B Staff Neckerchief

This is a need of mine as is the next item.  There was also a neckerchief slide issued for the event.

Section NE-2B 1982 Neckerchief Slide

Section NE-2B 1982 Neckerchief Slide

I’ll add these items to the original post so they are all in one place.

Anything else for this event?


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